Here the Foods that will Boost Erections so you can Last Longer in Bed


You don’t need Viagra (like vigrx plus) to get and maintain erections. The key to stronger, harder, and longer erections is in your kitchen! You can improve your sex life with your partner simply by adding these foods to your regular meals!

  • Men who drink at most 2 glasses of red wine daily, or those with increased intake of citrus foods are less likely to develop erection problems. In fact, research reveals that three to four portions of flavonoid-rich food items can reduce the risk of developing erectile dysfunction as much as 21%.
  • Bear in mind that the compounds found in the food we eat go directly in our bloodstream. This means that food components certainly have direct effect on vital processes, including erection.
  • Coffee will give you that much-needed pump for you to have a productive day. Coffee increases metabolic rate, thus it has the capacity to keep your blood pumping on high. With increased blood in the penile region, you are sure to last longer in bed. A single serving of tea at night will release stored fats, thus giving you more energy to use during your lovemaking.
  • Oysters are very popular aphrodisiacs for both men and women, but did you know that it can contribute to longevity too? Oysters contain high levels of zinc and Vitamin B6- nutrients that are vital to keep testosterone levels on high.
  • Red wine has the same effect as Viagra among people suffering from erectile dysfunction. It contains high levels of the antioxidant, resveratrol hat helps in relaxing the arteries through increase of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide helps in opening the arteries, that which is the same mechanism of action of Viagra. However beneficial in achieving erection, it’s always best to drink in moderation. Excessive red wine may have the opposite effect, and may only lead to failure in keeping an erection.