Here are Tips on How you Can Improve your Health with Grapefruit Essential Oil (1)

Just like any essential oil, grapefruit essential oil is sourced from dried parts of plants, including the leaves, roots, stem, bark, and flowers. The extraction process involves the process of steam distillation or compression in order to keep a plant’s aroma and flavor.

The rind from the pink grapefruit undergoes cold compression to extract its essential oils. Due to its high vitamin and mineral concentration, grapefruit essential oil offers many healthy benefits; from aromatherapy to skincare. It is truly an all-natural and potent product that you will surely find useful at home.

  • Shiny Hair

The addition of one to two drops of grapefruit essential oil to your favorite shampoo will add luster and shine to your hair. Due to its acidic property, grapefruit oil is proven beneficial in the treatment of scalp conditions.

  • Body Detox

Pink grapefruit essential oil contains minerals and vitamins that get rid of toxic substances from the bloodstream and the digestive tract. Regular use of grapefruit essential oil has been connected to increased circulation and positive stimulation of the lymphatic system.

  • Anti-Cellulite Treatment

If you want to get rid of pesky cellulites which may have formed on your thighs and legs for many years, you may want to turn to the use of pink grapefruit to safely and effectively get rid of them permanently. Its diuretic properties get rid of water retention and bloating. As a diuretic, grapefruit essential oil helps in the regular elimination of urine, thus improving overall kidney function.

  • Kills Free Radicals Fast

Grapefruit essential oil contains high levels of Vitamin C- a nutrient known for its potent action against free radicals that invade cells as we go through aging. The antioxidants in high concentrations from grapefruit essential oil stops the proliferation of skin damaging free radicals, thus improving the natural glow and clarity of the skin.

  • Angular Chelitis

In essence, angular chelitis is an infection that manifests itself as painful lesions inside the oral cavity. This condition is mostly due to poo immune system functioning. The high levels of Vitamin C found in grapefruit essential oil helps in reducing one’s chances of contracting bacterial, fungal, and even viral infections. The application of grapefruit essential oil also reduces the risk of reinfection as it enhances the immune system response to disease-causing microorganisms.